Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I did a really really expensive load of laundry on Sunday night. I'd like to say it was crack head move #1 for this week. My last load of laundry Sunday night I decided to throw in the clothes I wore on Sunday. No big deal. I do it most every Sunday night. Except with this load I forgot to check the pockets a second time and in doing that, I washed my cell phone. 5 minutes into the washer filling with water I even thought were my phone was. It was late so I just assumed that since it wasn't on my body, it was plugged in the charger. I was WRONG. Not only did I wash the phone, I even threw it in the dryer for about 10 minutes before I decided to check out what the thudding noise was in the dryer. That's when I found it. Yea, great. It didn't work at all. I layed it out on the table for about 24 hours and last night I turned it on. YEA!!! It worked!! I couldn't believe it! The picutre stuff wasn't pretty but I could read stuff in the display window. It got late and I decided to write down all my phone numbers this morning. That was a mistake. I turned it on this morning and got nothing in the display window. I could make calls out and receive calls but that was all. So, I had to buy a new phone. Couldn't get a free one cause I had just updated my plan in October. Since I hadn't got the insurance on that phone, I had to pay full retail price for it. SHIT! So that load of carwash towels, a pair of jean shorts and a tshirt cost me $237. I did buy the insurance on the new phone.
So, If I haven't already asked ya, email me your phone numbers!

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