Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's Saturday noonish. Lazy day. I should be doing SOO many things. Screw it. It's hibernation time. In Living Color marathon on today. I haven't seen this show in 15 years! Fire Marshall Bill, Homey The Clown and Men On Film are my favs. I have changed the litter in the litter box. That was totally grosse. Even for me. I stopped by the new WalMart last night. I think they took the new Champaign WalMart and dropped it a mile from my house. Everything is the same. Even the floor is slick as hell. WalMart is taking over the country. Why do they need 3 Superstores in a town of 100,000 people? And they are building another one 15 mies away in Rantoul? Anyway, picked up some "comfort food" at the new Wally World. Cookie dough, cake mix, chips. I did get some juice to keep me healthy. Feelin a bit of a cold comin on. Needed da juice. Ok, gonna take a shower now. Homey is on this episode so i need to get goin.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm shooting for March 18th. That is the date the bike is getting out of storage. I think it'll stop snowing by then. Hope so anyway. I don't mind the bike being out in the rain but not the snow. Don't know why. They are the same thing.
Ok, what's goin on with me lately? Work is stressfull. Layoff time of year. Seniority means nothing at the ol Flexer. GM is shutting down a bunch of plants and Ford just announced they are shutting down 12 plants. Yea, we supply both. The gas prices being so high, the sales of SUV's is way down. Yea, that's all we do, make shit for SUV's.
OH MY GOD! James Augustine just made 2 free throws IN A ROW!
Illini currently beating Minnesota.
I have asked to be moved out of the school on job #2. My boss isn't too happy about it. Sorry. I'm not gonna spend another summer strippin and scrubbin that school again. Don't know where I'll end up. May have to take a cut in hours. That will hurt. The WalMart down the street is opening on Friday. Maybe i'll go out there and apply. Probably have to work weekends there tho.
Ut Oh...Illini behind right now.
Weird to me....Illinois has a player on the team that is redshirting this year. He is from Champaign. His mother was one of my basketball coaches at Parkland. She didn't have any kids then. Damn.
I'm going to bed now and watch the game.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Aint he just the cutest Bears fan there ever was?!

Right now it's halftime and the Bears are getting beat. Too bad. Conor has a few years to decide if he wants to be a fan of a real team. Perhaps the Dallas Cowboys will be chosen. Let's hope!!!

I cleaned the house this morning. Spotless...almost....that is until I get home and sit down to this 'puter. Boo Boo gets in the litter box and kicks about 2 cups of litter out onto the carpet. This is a new thing for her. I'm convinced she does it just cause it pisses me off. Aren't all kids suppose to do things just to piss ma/pa off?

Spent the afternoon in GC giving Harold a computer lesson. He's coming around. He can attach pictures to emails now. WOO HOO!!

Not much been goin on in this chicks world...other than cleaning up kicked out cat litter. Thinking about vacation. Can't decide if i want to take a long week plus vacation and blow all my $ or take a weekender and save $ for maybe a new refrigerator........damn....decisions.

Better go get the sweeper monster and clean up the litter.....


Friday, January 06, 2006

So all of you who know me, and for those who don't, take a guess. Who do I look like? The person on the left or the person on the right? This is my parents wedding picture. Taken at some restaurant in Lyons, Illinois on April 10, 1951. My mom has a REALLY big head in this picture don't you think? And really big shoulders too.....hmmm...don't remember anybody saying anything about her ever playing football....Mom's big azz shoulders kinda take away from Dad's big azz ears....Ironic that he can't hear shit anymore these days...Selective Dad hearing.
Anyways.....These 2 lovely people, born in 1925, got email today!!! WOO HOO!!!They still don't know how to do anything on their computer except to play solitaire, but they have email now. Did u feel the earth shake?!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006 all. I think it's 2006 anyway. The Times Square ball looked like it had 2004 on it last night tho. It confused me. So I'm home now. Not much sleep last night so I'm totally spent today after my 3 hour drive home. No traffic on the way home too. YAY! Got a good view of the Chicago skyline. Ok, enough of that, on with the 2005 year in review for little ol Kath...
January - Well I'm gonna say this happened in January even tho it happened on December 30th of 2004.....I got my first tattoo. Thought about what I wanted and where it was gonna be for YEARS. I knew it was gonna be something to do with my sister Lynne and I didn't want it someplace on my bod that would "expand and contract". My fear was I get something I totally love but it would be on an area of my body that would look like somebody stretched it like Silly Putty if I gained weight. And, vise versa. I settled for between my shoulder blades. Safe place. So that is where my Lynne guardian angle is.
February - Even bigger event than getting my first tattoo....I bought my very first house! SIGH! 'nough said
March - The Illini went on a wild run to the Final Four. Like everyone else in Shampoo-Banana, I was glued to the tv everytime they were on. I do have to admit tho. Those 2 hours during the game were the BEST times to shop in this town. NO CROWDS!! The streets were deserted. Weird as hell.
April - I moved into my house! Got another tattoo too. Same scenerio as first tat...where to put it that the Silly Putty situation would not apply....ankle...So that is where my Chinese character for "family/home" is....And yes, I made absolutely sure that is what the symbol meant!
May - Hmmm...what happened in May?.......nothin...
June - Hmmm....anything exciting in June?....uh, no
July - I bought a motorpickle. A used 1989 Kawasaki Vulcan. I love it!! Is it March yet so I can get it out of the shed???
August - Went to a Melissa Ferrick concert here in town then came home just in time to have a car straddle the median in front of my house and take out a light pole. Sounded like a bomb when off just as I was getting to sleep. Called 911. Watched the 3 girls leave the scene of the accident. Real exciting.
September - Hmmm......go to October
October - Became a Great Aunt again. Conor was born on my neice Libby's birthday on the 24th. Maybe ma/pa will remember a birthday date on their own now.
November - Had a birthday. Damn thing comes around same time every stinkin year. Damn it!
December - The holidays suck. I was in a bad mood. Had to escape to Chicago to get over it.
Now it's January again. Ya never think about it when your in your 20's but as I look back on the 43 years ya'll have been lucky enough to have me around, every year goes by faster than the previous year. I feel like my life is going too fast and I can't take it all in. It's probably cause I work too much and can't jump off this merry go round and take a peek. I feel like I have wasted the past 5 years by working my life away. I suppose I have. Maybe 2006 will bring me love and total happiness.....I'm looking forward to it but not expecting it.
Let 2006 begin....