Saturday, February 25, 2006

Welcome back to your blog Kathy.
Gee, thanks. Glad to be back.
Haven't had the gumption to post anything lately. Same ol blah blah blah. I'm getting serious cabin fever. Insurance for the bike kicks in again on Wednesday. Can't wait! Get out o da house. Go for a ride. I don't care if it's cold out or not. Can always dress for it.

It might be the end of February but there have been Easter Bunny sightings already. Conor is gonna be so embarassed when he grows up and looks at pictures his grandmother has taken of him. I'm so glad there are NO embarassing pictures of me from when I was a kid. Now since I've grown up (well, to some extent) there are a few out there. Unfortunately for me, Tyger has a 2 of them. Lord help me. What was I thinking?

It's windy as heck today. I have every leaf in the neighborhood stuck up against the fence in my back yard. I found a deposit slip from somebody that does business at the U of I Credit Union. If I was a thief I could have EASILY wiped out the $3862 they had left in their savings account. But I'm an honest tax paying citizen so I shredded it and did my good deed. Damn it...could have built one heck of a deck AND replaced my fence with that money too.....Course I wouldn't be able to enjoy it much sittin in the Champaing County jail just down the street. I could almost look at my deck & fence, just not touch it....

Yea, been planning what i'm planning at the ol house this summer. Do I do the deck or just a simple patio? hmmmm....Patio would be about a grand cheaper. I don't have anything elaborate planned. Probably just pavers with a decorative landscape stone along the edge. That's alot of work tho no matter what i do.....and I'm a bit out on manual labor!

Ok, so I'm trying to find a kicker radion station on AOL. You can listen to all kinds of music plus they pick up the satellite XM stations too. So, i've decided to listen to the Dead Rock Stars station this afternoon. I'm in one of those moods i guess. Faith and Tim was an option too since I was listening to the country station out of Chicago US99 a bit ago and tried to win Tim and Faith concert tix. I think that would be an awesome show. I have a wide variety of musical to hair band metal. Not the industrial metal crap where they actually scream lyrics. That's nasty. I'm not much into alternative stuff tho. Just a little too "alternative" for Kath. I wonder if i can rig up speakers from my computer to the rest of the house? I'm sure it can be done, I just need to find the techno geek to do it...I probably need to upgrade my receiver or something.

She's a super freak, super freak.....yea, a little dead Rick James makes me move a little. Haven't heard that song for a long time. This one either...Curtis Mayfield, Freddie's Dead. I was listenin to WLS at the GC swimming pool the last time this song graced my ears. Is Stairway to Heaven one of the longest songs on earth or what? I know it's a classic but I just don't like it. It never ends...Not a Led Zepplin fan.

Well I'm gonna go watch the Illini game. UGH...Gotta win one! GO ILLINI!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's gonna be a really fun time at the ol homestead this summer. Just got back from a "neighborhood" meeting across the street. The houses just north and to the east of me flood really bad when it rains alot so the city is putting in new drainage tile, etc. Yea, I get to pay for that. Not as bad as I was expecting tho. That's a good thing. They are assessing it more for people who need it the most. I just happen to be living on the road the tile is scheduled to go down. So, in a couple months i'm gonna get my front yard dug up. Yea. Shoulda waited on that new mailbox i guess. Hope they don't kill the only tree on my property. I'll have to either leave the ac on all summer or dust every day. Cats are gonna freek.
Been kinda down lately. Need a bit o cheering up. Thinking i was gonna get a little back on my income tax, I went ahead and booked a vacation for the summer. Non-refundable trip i may add. Tentatively did my taxes last night using TurboTax, SHIT...I gotta PAY again. I thought you got tax breaks when you buy a house? I can't remember the last time I actually got money back from my taxes. Honestly I bet its been 20 years. Never have i got money back from the state. fuckers... Guess the deck and fence are gonna have to wait till next year.
I'd like to some day break even. Hell with getting ahead. that ain't gonna happen. Yea, breaking even would be a positive. I'm goin to bed now.