Tuesday, March 28, 2006

YUCK!!!!!!! There are times like these that it totally HATE homeownership... On my way to get the garbage to the curb at 5:35am this morning, I noticed a dead bunny in my yard. OH GOOD GOD, NOT ME! Dead animos and Kath don't mix. So, I go back in the house and got a garbage bag and the snow shovel. I hate this shit. Go back outside and an angel appeared. My neighbor Dennis was just going to work also. We said our morning greetings and he asked why I was carrying a snow shovel. SO, I mentioned the dead bunny. He told me to have a nice day! DENNIS! Thought maybe I could sweet talk him into scoopin up the critter. Guess he wasn't in a sweet talkin mood this morning. The bunny had been dead for a bit cause I couldn't get it scooped in the shovel. What to do next. Oh please, don't make me have to touch it. SIGH...I had to turn the garbage bag inside out and pick it up by it's cute little paw. Damn thing was stiff as a board except for the innerds and skin that hadn't been eaten yet. I got to make a second attempt of getting the rest. This is NOT my day. I'm gettin the ebbie jeebies just thinkin about it. HACK! The dead bunny is now in the garbage can waiting to be picked up today sometime. Rest in peace little Bugs..

Monday, March 27, 2006

So who's NCAA brackets are over before the Final Four even starts?? MINE for one. I heard on the radio tonight that of the 3+ million people who set up their brackts on the ESPN web site, only 4 TOTAL picked the correct Final Four teams. Money says all 4 of those people are either George Mason grads or they are some soccer mom that picked those teams because they thought the uniforms were pretty. Our brackets at work were won by a co-workers wife. Lucky.
Ok, gotta go.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to my blog! Yesterday was it's 1st birthday. No, i'm not going to sing to my computer either. I don't sing to anything. Thanks Dad for that tone deaf gene. Big changes in my life in the last year but i've already covered those. Lately, not much has been goin on. Procrastinating going over my taxes again. Still haven't sent those in. It'll get done. Sometime. Sometime soon I guessing. Got no choice! Been helping Connie work on her house. That's a never ending job. Today the Newcomb clan is going to try and install a 9' garage door in a 8'3" opening with a ramp that makes the garage floor 7" higher than the driveway. Yea, this should be interesting. The old dude that built this house has done some pretty interesting rigging of things. It doesn't look like redneck construction, but basically it is. My kids have Spring fever like everybody else. Trying to sneek out all the time. Gotta watch Rocky. He's sneeky but when he does get out he meows alot celebrating his success. Gives away his sneekieness. I got about 4 things that I need to do around the house this summer. 2 things I feel I really need and 2 I just plain need (want). Can't decide if I wanna spend money I don't have to do any or all of them. The things I really need is a new frig and to replace my fence. Things i want is a new stove and a deck/patio. The patio is doable. It's the cheapest. I can just fix the bad places of the fence but it would be very noticeable. New wood against 25 year old weathered wood. ICK. Maybe I'll do the outside stuff this year and the inside stuff next year. Hmmm.....
Ok, now for the gripe of he week. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH MY COWBOYS?? First they release a mediokur bad boy/good receiver, Keyshawn Johnson. Then they sign the worlds biggest pain in the ass bad boy Terrell Owens. This ass seriously dissed my boys a few years back. We fans don't forget that disrespect. I'll forever be a Cowboy fan but I won't be a fan of T.O.'s. Then just this week they released the best offensive lineman in the league, Larry Allen. I understand it was a money issue but if they wouldn't have signed ass hole TO then they would have the money to keep Allen. AND they were in dire need of a good kicker. So, do they go after Super Bowl hero Adam Venatari? NO..they get another big mouth ass in Mike Vanderasshole. Vander... (however it's spelled) is a 87% field goal kicker but he missed 2 VERY important kicks this year. 1 was so far right it wasn't even in the stadium. Jerry Jones is rising on my shit list.
Ok, well better go start my Saturday.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I'll admit. I am contributing to the 4.whatever BILLION in lost productivity during March Madness. I porked over $5 and turned in my brackets bright and early yesterday morning. Went with pure gut feeling. Picked a 12/5 upset (2 in fact), had a couple sentimental picks and the rest went with the highest seed. When I got to work this morning I was leading with only 1 miss. Damn Oklahoma... BOTH my 12/5 upsets won. Thank you Texas A&M and Montana. Then todays games started. Good lord. I think I may have got 1 right today. Wisconsin decided not to make the trip to the tournament. Iowa gave up at about the 10 minute mark of the 2nd half and right now, Kansas is getting beat by Bradley. Actually that's too bad...sniff sniff...'ol Billy boy gets knocked out early again...maybe he should change his toupe. This one is bringing bad luck. I missed 7 of the 16 games today. That pretty much screws me for the rest of the tournament. My final 4 are the #1 seeds with UConn winning it. Some guy at Flex actually paid money and put down that Illinois will win it all. That was a waste of $5. I'm not so sure they will win tomorrow. Hope so tho....OH..it's final. Kansas lost. Boo hoo. Think i'll go to bed now on that note. I'll sleep better now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

If I tried really hard I could probably scrape up enough money to buy an ark. I'll check the paper tomorrow for one. Will it ever stop raining? And this is only the 2nd day in a row that it has rained. Not used to it. I think tomorrow is suppose to be the only day in the next week that it isn't gonna rain. How big is an ark anyway? Will it fit in a double car driveway? hmmmmm.....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

11:50AM, Thursday, March 2, 2006....

and damn is it cold......