Sunday, May 21, 2006

I know I know. It's been a bit since I posted anything. So what. I've been burned out lately. Haven't wanted to work, clean up the house, clean up the car or bike or anything. I've had a nasty, kick my butt cold the past couple days. Started hittin me around noon on Friday and by 5 Friday night, i was dead to the world. I came home from work early and layed on the couch. I had to take a couple cats to the vet yesterday and I don't remember driving to St Joe or driving home. Came home and layed on the couch till I went to bed last night. I feel a little better today. Good enough to get my fat ass off the couch anyway.

I need a vacation. Good thing I have one planned in a month. Too bad I don't have any money to spend on that vacation. That freakin sucks. Got in my car today and the damn check engine light came on. That's really all I need. Tuesday I got a $800 bill for the drainage crap that is gonna happen in my front yard this summer. That's just peachy. Yea, I don't have to pork out the whole $800 right now, only $80 this year, but the balance gets 6.5% added to it each year till it's paid off. Lovely. If I go the whole 15 years, I'll end up paying an additional $400 in the long run in interest...

Can ya tell I'm in a fantastic mood. Oh, 1 good thing. I FINALLY found a pair of tennis shoes that actually don't kill my feet. YOO HOO!! OK, time to take a shot of NyQuil and hit the sack.