Friday, June 30, 2006

Been 3 weeks again. Time to update the 'ol blog. And AGAIN, I'm playin receptionist. I hate this having to play nice to people shit. It's just not me! Couldn't ride the bike in today. It's a know fact that motorcycle riding is a leading contributor to bad hair days. And, since I have to be presentable today, no bike. I can live with it I guess. Might rain anyway. My car gas tank is empty tho. Payday isn't till next Friday. Not a good situation. I spent all my $ on vacation. But that's a good thing.

Vacation was great! Very hard to come back to work. We did all the touristy things. Fishermans Warf, Cable Cars, Alcatraz, homeless people. I can't believe how many homeless people begging. And they all seem to have their own little spot where they "live"too. Things are pretty expensive out there. A 1 bedroom house is like $600,000. The federal minimum wage is something like what, $5.50? Out there it's like $11.50. Not that San Francisco isn't in our country or anything. No wonder there are so many homeless people. Food was pricey but souviners were dirt cheap. I'm glad we didn't rent a car because those people don't know how to drive! We got in there about 5:00ish in the evening so going from the airport to our hotel we got in some sticky traffic. The stinkin motorcycles were flying by between the cars at like 60 miles per hour! I guess it's legal for them to do that too! What a STUPID law!!! Yea, there is a helmet law but go ahead, weave in and out of stalled traffic. The helmet will save your life....HA! It would only take that 1 person that opens their car door to pour out warm pop, at just the right time, to send that motorcyclist flying over 2 or 3 cars.

Already been thinkin bout next years vacation. I've decided to not take one every 6 years. It would probably be best if i take one every year now. So, next year I'm thinking Yosemite or the Denver area. Some place totally opposite of flat, hot, sticky central Illinois. Done Florida, Arizona and the north woods of Wisconsin. Texas is hot and sticky too. Out east, not so sure. If gas is cheap maybe that Hall of Fame tour I would love to take. That probably ain't gonna happen. Cheap gas! We'll never see gas under $1.99 ever again.

Well I should probably hit the road. Internet Nazis are looming.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

I guess I've got a pattern goin now. Only update every 3 weeks. Well, this being the 3rd week I guess I need to do something. So here goes...
I'm being corporate receptionist again today. Yea, me, the people person answering the switchboard...great. Piss me off and I'll disconnect you. Hell no, I can't transfer you to Canada! I have no idea how to use the Nextel phone. Oh well, those people can call back tomorrow. The internet Nazis are at this company so i'm really not even suppose to be on here but phuck it. I can't do anything else up here except play games and seach stuff on the internet.
So what's been goin on with me? Like I just mentioned, Flex sucks. School got out a week ago so we have begun the summer clean the school crap. My boss there says it's gonna be organized and easy this summer. I laugh out loud. One good thing is there is no summer school this year. We won't have to work around anything or anybody for the first 5 weeks. Still a crappy job but it helps pay some bills. Hopefully only 3 more years of that. My boss came by my house the other night to take my picture "using" my new carpet shampooer. They want 2 put it in the company newsletter. Yea, that's gonna be a great picture. I still haven't actually used the carpet shampooer yet. Maybe this weekend. I'm waiting for a rainy weekend so i won't feel guilty not going outside. Might rain on Sunday.
The cats are fine and dandy. Boo is a little ass hole. Shadow is a lover, not a fighter and Rocky just wants to eat, sleep and have the top of his head rubbed. I had to take Shadow and Boo 2 the vet a couple weeks ago so I could get their prescription food prescription renewed. Shadow was wiggly like she always is. She had little ear infection too. Boo, well Boo has warnings printed all across her little card at the vet. They have to wear big azz leather gloves and some kind of leather apron when they hold her down. She is mighty pissed off at the vet. Infact this visit, they could only throw a towel over her and try to listen to her heart beat thru the towel. That was hard cause she growled the whole time and they couldn't hear anything but pissed off growls. She has "issues".
I'm going on vacation 2 weeks from today!!! Good God I can't wait! Goin to California. Ma is all worried that a earthquake will happen when I'm out there. If it does then it will be even more memorable then. I'm not worried bout it.
Gotta go. I'm sure i'm being watched on how long i've been connected here.