Thursday, September 21, 2006

what the heck?! I'm kinda watching CSI (original Las Vegas version) and there is some weird stuff goin on. I really hope it's taping in the bedroom for later viewing. I can honestly say I've never seen on tv, a depiction of removing and inserting a tampon before. Many times people peeing but never the tampon thing. And it's on free regular tv. Good for CBS! Now it's ER time. Last year ended pretty dramatically. When did Carrie lose the cane anyway? Guess I should watch more. And she doesn't even have a limp anymore.

Window quotes are coming in. BIG ranges! Holy cow! Boo Boo is guarding them right now. Not gonna touch 'em till she gets down.

Better go. ER's gettin good.


Monday, September 18, 2006

This week I'm getting quotes on how much new windows will be for my humble abode. I'm afraid to find out some of them. I'm also getting quotes on how much to replace the glass in the windows/door in the living room. Those 3 will probably be double what the cost of my 3 regular windows will be. UGH. I'm really geting tired of having to use a steel rod to open my bedroom windows and in reverse, having to go outside and pushing them shut to close them. The gears are shot in the crank out's. Lovely. My boss is suppose to be gone tomorrow and Wednesday so I hope some of these people come over those 2 days. That way I can sneak away and no one has to know. I hate being a peon.

I got to spend a little time with my neice and great neices on Saturday. That was fun! Victoria and Julia are cheerleaders for a youth football team. Libby is the cheerleader sponsor person. They are all sooo freakin cute! Emma and Zoe crawled all over me during the game. I must be some kind of jungle gym or something. I drove all the way to bumb fuck egypt (Metamora) to watch them cheer. That's a long ass haul at 7 am on a Saturday monring. These games start at 9. Whatever happened to kids watching cartoons on Saturdays?

I remember calling Shauna Metz up on Friday nights to discuss what cartoons we were going to watch the next day. Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner were my personal fravs. I love the one where Bugs does some Barber of Seville thing on Elmer Fudd's head while shaving him....I guess that was the music. Heck, I still don't know.

Ok, gonna go. Time for Weeds.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally got this blasted iPod working. Lord have mercy! I need a 10 year old around here to show me how to download this stuff! When I ordered this thing I thought to myself, "self, 500 songs is alot of music. You probably don't even HAVE 500 songs. That should be plenty big enough." Honey, if I could rethink that all over again I would kick myself in the azz. 500 songs aint shit! Word of advice if your lookin to buy a Nano. Decide which one you want, then double the size of it. That should be plenty big. Oh, and of course a month after I finally get mine, Apple comes out with bigger, better and with more colors Nano. For Pete's sake, can I not catch a break here! Now I want a 8 gig pink one!!! Oh, wait. 8 gig's only come in black. SHIT.

And another thing. Work still sucks and my mom thinks our family is disfunctional.......We are an American family, NOT the Cleavers......We are not disfunctional....

I have to go to bed now. Shadow is crawling all over me and making it difficult to type. Shoulda had her back claws ripped out!!! OUCHIE!