Sunday, October 15, 2006

My 3 weeks are up. Time to update the 'ol blog. What's been goin on in my world?
Well, Froze my ass off last night at the Illinois game. In 2 months we will be walking around in shorts and sweatshirts when it's 50 degrees out. But in mid October, 50 degrees is freakin cold! Oh yea, 3rd week in a row the game is decided by a last second field goal. 2nd week in a row we lost. But to be optimistic, last years team wouldn't have even made any game of it. Simply would have been blown out.
Tonight I get to eat steak. YUM! Steak..... A perfectly grilled ribeye, ain't nuttin better....Friday was my big bro's birthday so it's Ma/Pa take him out night tonight. The only thing better than a good steak, is a good steak paid for by someone else.
Next up, the windows in my house. They ARE getting replaced. Hopefully within the next couple weeks. Got the $ for 'em. Sent in a deposit for the living room glass. Things are gonna happen.
Nuttin different at work #1. Sucks. At job #2 I lost my co-worker. He got a little lippy with the boss and quit/got fired. Not sure the "official" determination was. Anyway, I don't have to listen to him yap all the time. I can work at my own pace now and not be rushed. His replacement comes in 3 hours later and he can't speak english. Those are very good things. I'm totally by myself now. Yea.
Ok, time to clean the cat shitter. It's stinky.

UPDATE....Had to put a picture of Steve on here from tonight's dinner. Ride 'em cowboy!!