Monday, January 08, 2007

Ok, new comercial been on the boob tube the past week or so. The first couple times I saw it I thought it was some kind of spoof or something. Then, I REALLY started watching it. Looking for any sign that it was mocking something. NOPE. The real thing. A customer service commercial by the "Ad Council". I can't believe someone would pay money for this! Ok, commercial synopsis....With all the anti smoking/second hand smoke talk on how bad it is for everyone. Well this commercial wants to make everyone aware that FARTING in anyplace but outside is just as bad to smell as second hand smoke is. OH FOR GOD'S SAKE! If that's the case then I should have been dead 20 years ago! These people are serious too! Picture this...Girl n guy, sitting in their apartment. Girl excuses herself. Guy askes where she's going. Girl says, "I have to go outside to pass gass". WHO THE FREAK IS GONNA DO THAT? Even the most snooty people I know will let it rip. GEESH! If these advertisers wanna give their money away like that then give it to a good charity. Like the "I need a new deck on my house" charity. I can send them the address....
I'm done now. I gotta go outside and fart.